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Scottish Terrier Puppies   


Puppies Available  (new litter pictures coming soon)

PUPPIES BORN Sunday October 26, 2008

and another litter born October 29 2008

we are accepting deposits on Puppies

in the past all litters are sold before they are weaned, reserve yours now

below are some pictures of past litters and some of our pets and friends.

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Scottie Puppies  

born 5/13/08/ 5/25/08

  Male pup


male with tongue out

looks like the photo on wall

 Finny (Bonnies boy)

peek a boo




New arrivals

Betty Mamma with male pup

male pup


female pup

bonnie and baby boy (he is so fat!)






female pup




 he changes daily

 he is getting such a personality

 why read when you can play with me!

 eyes are open



 baby boy is spoiled already

 this is how he sleeps

 he is like a turtle on his back

 talk to the paw



this little female border collie pup has become good friends with the male scottie (Finny) they were born one day apart

 ROMO (DADDY)  teethinggroup photo one out of each litter

one border collie and one betty baby and one bonnie baby

after playing togethersleepy boy covered up he likes to sleep under covers (like his mom)

polar bear feet

group nap

little girl stealing kisses again!


puppies pictured below were Allies 1st Litter

Far Left is Wheaten Female (Goldie-sold) and next to her is Male (Angus-sold)

picture above far rtogether sleepye Female (Betty) wheaten in the middle (Bonnie/sold) and far left is the Male (Angus "Gus"-sold)

The pups in pictures were Born October 4, 2006







We live in Kerrville Texas

Parents of the pups are our family pets

My girls all have wheaten in their lines

Allies 1st litter had 6 pups (5 females 1 male)

 3 wheatens and 3 brindle

Allies father was also a wheaten and her mom was Black

This is a fine example of a wheaten Scottie


This is Duffy he was unhappy with his hair cut so he is pouting in this picture.

Duffy is one of my Male Scottie


Allie (mom) above with Goldie (sold) and Betty

Allie is a brindle she has light red highlights (ladies pay dearly for that color)

Allie Loves to Sing and Talk!!  



How about a Kiss?


Parents are very sweet natured.

Pups are socialized and played with

we will be very sad when they leave.

Parents are both Quality Registered AKC Scottish Terriers

DNA Tested (AKC) also dna tested for hereditary Scottie related diseases/conditions

all negative

Parents are on site to view when you pick out your pup

pups will be vaccinated wormed and micro chipped

AKC papers and pedigree available upon purchase


look at that face! )Bonnie



General Information on Breed

Known as the "Scottie", the Scottish Terrier has a compact, strong body; short legs, pricked ears and naturally erect tail.  President Roosevelt had a Scottie named Fala in the White House. and President Bush has Two Scotties Barney and Ms Beasley. They tend to be a one or two person dog and do their best as pampered pets. While a little stubborn, they still make loyal pets. Scottish Terriers are very good watchdogs.

Height: 10 - 11 inches
Weight: 19 - 29 lbs.

Colors: Black, wheaten or brindle of any shade
Coat: Sharp, dense and wiry with a short, dense, soft undercoat.

Temperament: Scottish Terriers are active, assertive, loyal
With Children: Yes, good with school aged children.
With Pets: Yes, but needs early socialization.
Special Skills: Hunting dog for small prey and family pet.

Watch-dog: Very High

Care and Exercise: Regular brushing, as necessary. Professionally trim the Scottish Terriers coat at least twice a year. Can obtain their exercise from a reasonably sized fenced-in yard.

Training: Firm handling at a young age is needed for Scotties as they will try to dominate the household. Training needs to be founded on mutual respect.
Learning Rate: High, Obedience - Low, Problem Solving - Medium

Activity: Very High
Living Environment: An apartment is adequate for Scotties if sufficient exercise is given. The owner of a Scottish Terrier should desire a breed who is particular about the company they keep.

Life Span: 12 - 14 years
Litter Size:
3 - 5

Country of Origin: Scotland
History: originally bred with the purpose of dispelling vermin. The Scottish Terrier is the best known and possibly oldest of the Highland terriers.

First Registered by the AKC: 1885
AKC Group: Terrier Group
Class: Terrier
Registries: AKC, ANKC, CKC, FCI (Group 3), KC (GB), UKC

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More Photos



 (sold) Goldie

December 2007 Photos

Brindle Female (Betty)

 Brindle Female (Betty)

 Brindle Female (Betty)








Wheaten Female (Bonnie-sold)

Wheaten Female Bonnie/sold


Puppies Available

puppies are priced according to quality


Pups come with Health Guarantee

Current on all shots (to date they have had 2 sets of puppy shots)

they have been wormed and are clear of all parasites

they have been micro-chipped

  Sold Puppies & New Families

Angus and His New Family

  male puppy Gus

Hey Is that Gift For Me??




The Boy is in Love!


I think this bed will last about a week Look How Big I am !

Family Friends!

IN MEMORY OF  my Friend Melissa's Scotties


the little girl is mine (Katie)

the Scottie is little girl (Ms. P)

The P's

Ms P & Pudge


another friend sent me this picture Look at that color!


more scottie friends

Max (he is not related to my dogs) the owner is a lady who inquired about purchasing a pup

where did he get those ears?


he is cute here looks spoiled!


clifford looks like he loves his mom!



 this is Allie's puppies grown up Betty and Bonnie

My scotties normally dont like water but these two girls love to play in the water..

there tear up all sprinklers and have been known to terrorize the water hoses


 This is Allie's mom


 This is Allie's dad these are dogs from louisiana

to show what my line came from


 This is Bonnie at One year


the picture above is of  Allie and Romo (the black scottie far right) He is one of my stud dogs

and the Rascal in the middle is a rescue dog that needs a home




these pictures are of one of the pups I sold a couple of years ago "Goldie" they call her Mira  New Owners love her dearly! they claim she is very smart and gets along great with their Westie (she is bonnies sister and one of allies babies)


  a cutie




 This is Betty she is bonnies sister



whats up with this ?? NO SCOTTIES


 hey kid that is my dinner you are after