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Attention PET Adopters!



1.  ADOPTING  get an animal (any animal) then you are making a commitment to take care of that animal as “till death do you part”. A pet (dog, cat, bird, etc) did not choose you, you chose the pet. You made a choice to commit to taking care of that pet, providing food, water, shelter and vet care to that pet, just as if it were you own son or daughter. 

2. In the event you have “BUYERS REMORSE” after getting your pet than lets make it very clear IF YOU ADOPT FROM US THE PET IS TO BE RETURNED TO US!


If you get a pet elsewhere and decide you don’t want that pet anymore then… it is your job and responsibility to find that pet a new home. You are not entitled to “DUMP” your pet out on the streets. Realize you made a mistake, post on Craig’s list, newspapers, contact the shelters daily, and post ads at work in your restrooms trying to rehome your dog. Again you made the choice to get that pet, that pet did not pick you. You can not decide the pet needs to be gone “TODAY”. Its called taking “RESPONSIBILITY” which for many is not an option

Hint: If you do take your dog to a shelter then you should at least offer to make a donation to that shelter so that it will help go to the care of your pet. Also consider the fact that many places like ADL, Snipsa, Humane Society, 4 Paws, allow you to “sponsor” a pet until it finds its forever home. So if you can not care for your pet, then at least sponsors it until someone else can. .. Did I mention that was your “RESPONSIBILITY”!

3. Do your research before getting a pet. You need to understand pets are not just cute. They actually “COST MONEY”. You have to care for a pet which includes a cage, pet bed, food, vet care, annual shots, grooming, and emergency vet bills. If you are an apartment dweller or renter then consider there are “ANIMAL DEPOSITS”! There is also a cost for the leashes, and all the other pet related supplies. Pet expenses are not cheap so you need to sit down and assume before you get a pet that the initial set up costs are on the low end around $200 (which does not include the cost to buy the pet). Then monthly you can assume that each animal (on the low end) will cost $50 a month. If you can’t afford these costs then guess what “DO NOT GET A PET”

4. DO NOT use the excuse, “I AM MOVING, I MUST GET RID OF MY PET!” Unless you are in the military moving over seas, you have no reason a pet can not go with you.  Yes it was a few extra stops on the highway but there is a thing called animal cages, animal car seats, etc. Get Real! You committed to that pet, just because you are relocating does not excuse you from your commitment to that pet. Again you chose the pet, it did not choose you!

Apartment Renters, you live in an apartment now and you are moving. When you are looking for your new place, consider your first question to that new apartment should be: Do you allow pets? If so... how many? Are there weight restrictions? So I am the leasing agent and I say yes we allow 1 pet and have a restriction of 20lb and you have German She pard that ways 50lbs guess what, you CAN NOT LIVE THERE…SO DON’T SIGN A LEASE !!!!


Or another scenario, yes we except cats only and you have a dog then guess what, you CAN NOT LIVE THERE… SO DON’T SIGN A LEASE!!!! It is your “RESPONSIBILITY” to find a place where your pet can go with you.

5. PET OWNERSHIP COMES WITH “RESPONSIBILITY” to make sure you pet always has a tag on. Your pet should also be microchiped.


My favorite excuse is “Oh we just washed our little buddy and he got out and we had yet to put his leash & tags back on.” If you’re pet gets out of the fence, or house it’s your jobs folks to find it. Put up signs, post on Craig’s list, newspapers, check pounds daily, and other lost and found web sites. Give flyers to your neighbors in your area. If you are not willing to commit to doing this then guess what…DON'T GET A PET!!!!!

6. Last year inSan Antonio
alone euthanized 32,000 dogs and cats! Yes 32,000 folks! Some were strays and others were YOUR LOST PETS.


 If you loose a pet you need to check every Lost and Found website available. Just go to www.google.com and type in the search box, lost and found pet sites in your town and you will be amazed and what you find. Also you need to consider that if you are looking for a pet, right now shelters are overloaded with animals. You can find your next pet by going to petfinder.com


7. animals may require “TRAINING”! Its amazing that dogs don’t learn to house train on there own! It’s crazy a cat does not know how to use a litter box from birth. These are all things that require time and training. You have to teach your pet how to walk on a leash, not jump up on visitors, etc. Know that if you get a puppy you need to understand that just like a child they will have a “teething stage” so they may chew. Who knew animals chewed things up. So during that time you will have to buy teething rings, chew toys, etc to guide them. Many of you think oh they chew, get rid of them. Come on people, your parents did not turn you out because you peed in there face while changing your diaper, or because you cried for hours while teething. Same goes for a pet!


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Hill County Pet Rescue

Kerrville Texas 78028



DOG/CAT _____________ BREED ________________________________________________ SEX __________

FIXED ________

NAME _______________________________ DOB _____________________

COLOR ____________________________________

DISTINGUISHING MARKS ___________________________________________________________________________________


I, ________________________________________, hereafter referred to as the adopters, hereby agree that the above described animal is

being adopted by me solely as a pet for myself and/or my immediate family. I agree that I will not sell, give away or otherwise dispose of

said animal to any person(s), dealer, retailer, auction, institute or any other entity for any reason. If at a later date I am unable or unwilling

to keep this pet, I agree to first contact the above described current owner and give them the option to reclaim said pet at no charge.

I hereby agree to care for the above described pet in a humane and responsible manner and to provide it with clean and adequate shelter,

food, water and veterinary care. I further agree that said pet shall reside inside my home and shall not be allowed to roam freely.

I hereby agree that this pet shall wear a collar or harness with identification tags at all times. I agree to mail in micro chip document ion for registration. I agree to maintain pet on heart worm prevention monthly.

I hereby agree that the adoption fee of $ _________ helps to cover the current owner’s expense of raising and caring for the animal and is

not refundable

I hereby understand and agree that the current owner makes no representations or warranties, expressed or implied, about the above

mentioned animal's temperament and is hereby absolved from any liability for future damages or injuries caused by said animal. I also

understand and agree that the current owner further gives no guarantees, expressed or implied, of the suitability of the animal to the

adopter and/or his family.

ADOPTER'S NAME _________________________________________________________________________________________

ADDRESS _________________________________________________________________________________________________

CITY _________________________________________ ZIP CODE ____________________

PHONE _______________________


I certify that all statements made by me on this adoption agreement are true and correct. I agree that the current owner has the right to

confiscate the above described animal in the event that any statements made by me are found to be false and/or my check for the

adoption fee is returned for insufficient funds.

_________________________________________________ DATE: ____________________________


_________________________________________________ DATE: ____________________________


1 Current owner is defined here as the person who originally held the above described animal in their possession.

2 Adopter is defined here as the person who accepts for adoption the above described animal.





Day Phone:      
Evening Phone:      

Type of Residence
Own Rent  
House Town home Apartment

Landlord's Information:

Type of companion animal you are seeking:

Puppy Adult Dog
Kitten Adult Cat

Large, Medium or Small Breed:

What energy level are you looking for?
High, medium or low

Names of dogs/cats that you saw on the website you are interested in?

How many people in household and ages:

Why are you interested in adopting? Check all that apply:
Companion for Self
For Breeding
For Protection
Replace Previous Pet
Companion for Family
For a Child
Companion for Other  Pet

Please specify other:

How long have you been considering adopting an animal?

Is this your first pet? Yes     No

If no, please list previous pets, duration you cared for the pet and when he/she was deceased:

Do you currently have other pets? Yes       No

If yes, please list current pets (name, size & age) and how long you have had them:

How do you plan to introduce the new pet to the household?

How will you handle the following situations? Please answer all questions completely.
1. Family allergy to pet:

2. Pet Medical Expenses
(unexpected emergencies and diagnosed medical conditions)

3. Moving

Sometimes animals do not adjust to their new environments well.  Are you prepared to spend several weeks, perhaps even months, waiting for your new pet to adjust to a new environment?

Yes       No


Please provide your  Veterinarian Information for past or current pets:  REQUIRED

Name of Vet Clinic :
Name Pet's File is Under:

How much money do you anticipate  investing in your pet's veterinarian medical expenses annually?

What annual vaccines does your current pet or will your future pet receive and how often?

Will your newly intended pet be an indoor or outdoor pet?
Indoor      Outdoor

What is the longest duration you will leave your pet outdoors while unattended?

Does your residence have any of the following (check all that apply:)
Yard   Fence   Dog Run   Dog Door

Please specify type and height of fence:

Where will your pet be kept (free roam of house? crate? outdoors?)
At night:
Day time:

How many hours a day do you spend at home?  Please indicate work schedules of all adults in household 

What brand/ type of food do you plan on feeding your pet?

If the animal you adopt is not already spayed or neutered,  do you plan on having him/ her spayed or neutered?

Yes       No

Do you plan on having your new pet enrolled in obedience training, if so, where?

Who will be the primary care giver for the newly adopted animal?

Does anyone in the household have any known animal allergies, please specify:

How did you hear about Animal House Shelter?

Have you ever turned an animal into a shelter, if yes, why?

Animals are not perfect, and occasionally situations arise that were not planned for.  Please explain in detail how you would handle  each of the following situations.  Applications will not be considered complete  if these are not answered.   Consider that all of the following behaviors could occur while you are home, but also when you are not. 

"Training" is what would need to be done but please let us know what specific techniques you would use to train.

Jumping on furniture/ counter tops/ tables  

Scratching/ biting/ ripping furniture

Chewing on plants/ garbage/ other


Play Biting

How will you correct your pet if it does the following:

Urinates/ defecates inside the house

Keeps you awake at night

Sheds excessively

Ruins an expensive article

Please provide three references (not related to you) and their phone numbers:

Name: Phone Number:

I certify that the information I have provided is accurate and honest.





















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