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There is nothing more you need to do to volunteer, it is that simple!  Just come on in and we'll handle the rest.  Listed below are just a few things that the volunteers here at the shelter can do:

*Walk dogs

*Bath/groom dogs

*Spend quality one-on-one time with the animals to help socialize them and teach them tricks! ( puppies, kittens & cats also)

*Spend time in the 'Free Roam' Cat Room to socialize with the cats


not all positions are currently available until the shelter is built

but we are doing the best we can with limited space and resources

we plan on building a very nice shelter in the near future

*Help at fund raising events--look on our Upcoming Events page and just give us a call or email if you can help at any of the scheduled events.

*Share ideas on fund raising and special donation drives 

*Create advertising material to help get the shelter recognized within a larger radius

*Help pass out newsletters , brochures and donation cans around your community to get the animals more exposure.  (You can stop by the shelter and pick them up anytime)

*Volunteer for Petco or Pets mart Days (you can call the shelter for more information on adoption events)

* Gather bedding and cleaning supplies in your community for the dogs & cats.

* Hold a drive at your school or in your community somewhere for things listed on our wish list.

*Anything else you can think of?  We are willing to work with you and any ideas you have!  Come join our committees of dedicated volunteers who strive to make a difference in our community.


 Once we get our facility built we will need lots of volunteers

We simply could not survive without the help of dedicated, caring animal lovers just like you who generously volunteer at the League each week. From bottle-feeding motherless kittens to answering phones to offering foster care to our special needs animals, our volunteers improve the quality of life for the tens of thousands of homeless pets that are sheltered at the League every year. All volunteers are required to attend training classes. Full support of the League's policies and philosophies is a must. And each and every volunteer must remember just as all our Associates do that the animals are always the League's number one priority. All it takes to start is an application, an interview, some basic orientation classes, and the ability to make weekly commitment. Because we rely so much on the time and help offered by volunteers, the rescue invites everyone from teenagers to golden-age to join our volunteers

Ways Volunteers Help:

Adoption Center: Dog walking, socialization, feeding, cleaning, grooming, rescue, basic health care, training and obedience, adoption counseling, mobile adoption assistant, answering telephones, making follow-up phone calls to adopters, etc.

Medical Center : Dog walking, socialization, vet tech aide, administrative assistant (includes record keeping, answering telephones, filing, scheduling appointments, etc.)

Foster Care Parenting: As you well know, we  don't believe in killing animals. We, therefore, always have a group of special animals who need the kind of individual care that can be difficult to provide in a shelter environment. Possibly you can help. Most of our candidates for foster care are elderly, convalescent or special needs animals for whom we have yet to find a permanent home. All animals placed in foster care continue to receive the full range of services from the League. In our hearts we know that foster care is the humane alternative to extended stays for these special needs animals here at the rescue.

Humane Education: Ending pet homeless ness means that we must teach our children about responsible pet ownership (give tours, visit schools, create educational materials, etc.)

SPOT (Shelter Pet Outreach Team): You appreciate as we do the redemptive, healing power of the love of a companion animal. We reach out to shut-in residents in senior and specialized care facilities, bringing to them shelter puppies to hold and love. You can participate in these heartwarming miracles.

Administrative Project Specialist: Everyday, we have lots of administrative tasks that our staff simply can't get to; each vitally important to the achievement of our goal of saving more lives. Put your skills to work saving animals .

Corporate Support/Team Project Member: Employees from local companies give their time throughout the year for one-day projects that enhance the quality of life for our animals. If your company would like to help, please call 830 377-2990

Special Events/Fund raisers: You probably don't know this, but it can costs us more than $500 to prepare the typical homeless pet for adoption. Special needs animals cost much, much more. Because we receive no government funding, and precious little corporate support, we rely almost exclusively on individual donations and special events to support our lifesaving work. Volunteers aid our essential fund raising activities immensely, particularly helping out at our special events here at the League, like the Pet Adoption clinics and Family Fun Days. Our events and even office work are always fun for everyone involved!

Off-Premises Projects: Members of churches, temples, scout troops, and other organizations frequently hold towel and blanket drives and special fund raisers (bake sales, car washes, etc.) in support of the League's furry friends. Perhaps your organization would like to contribute to saving lives this way.


Position:  Baby Volunteer
Hours: 4 hour shifts, Monday. through Friday. 12pm to 4pm (several positions available)
Requirements: Must be dependable, responsible and able to handle puppies and kittens.
Responsibilities: Help bring puppies and kittens to the shelter after they have been spayed and neutered.

Position: Cat/Puppy Area Volunteer
Hours: 4 hour shifts, Monday. through Friday. 12pm to 4pm (several positions available)
Requirements: Must be dependable, responsible and able to handle puppies and kittens.
Responsibilities: Help bring puppies and kittens to the shelter after they have been spayed and neutered.

Position: Cat Habitat Volunteer
Hours: Various Hours, Monday through Sun (several positions available)
Requirements: Must be mature individual and able to work very independently.
Responsibilities: Cleaning & handling cats and kittens in habitat, providing information to adopters, filling out applications.

Position: Dog Area Volunteer
Hours: 4 hour shifts, Monday. through Sun, various hours (several positions available)
Requirements: Strong desire to work hands-on with animals. Must be mature and dependable. Good customer service skills and the ability to deal with the public required.
Responsibilities: Cleaning and proper handling of adult dogs, talking to adopters and taking dogs out for adopters.

Position: Dog Walker
Hours: 4 hour shifts, Monday. through Sun, various hours (several positions available)
Requirements: Must be able to handle and control large breed dogs.
Responsibilities: Walk all dogs in the kennel.

Position: Pet Behavior Associate
Hours: Monday Saturday either 8AM Noon or 2pm 5 pm
Requirements: Dependable person with the ability to safely handle both dogs and cats, knowledge of animal body language for dogs and cats, and the willingness to learn.
Responsibilities: Assist the trainers with daily duties as assigned, i.e., housebreaking walks, making shreds and preparing Kong’s, distribute bones and toys, feed and medicate, etc.

Position: Administrative Assistant (offsite dept.)
Hours: Saturdays & Sundays 12 pm 5 pm
Requirements: Basic computer keyboard functions
Responsibilities: Take phone calls from offsite staff and complete computer checks as requested.

Position: Administrative Assistant (offsite dept.)
Hours: 1 day a week flexible hours
Requirements: Computer and copy machine experience a must.
Responsibilities: Update the website calendar every month for CAP & MAC adoption locations. Make flyers for store & CAP events & distribute to stores & groups.


Position: Receptionist
Hours: Flexible
Requirements: Strong people and organizational skills.
Responsibilities: Clerical duties – file and create records. Assist clients that come to Medical Center. Some data entry.


Position: Community Liaison
Hours: Any daytime hours
Requirements: Must have own car (mileage reimbursed), be outgoing and friendly.
Responsibilities: Locate new donation box locations; pick up donation boxes from current locations


















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