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We are in the organization process and we are in need of everything at this point. 

We are currently leasing space with plans to build a large boarding kennel and shelter offering grooming and a thrift store/consignment shop to help with the needs of our Rescue Dogs

Currently we have leased a temporary location at 1810 Junction Hwy that will meet our current needs. We would like to build a New shelter as soon as possible.

WE will be applying for grants and donations ...everything can help in our efforts


Donate Your Unused Property - Your Land Can Save Lives

Do you have a piece of property that you can’t use? Are you paying taxes on land you don’t need? Hill Country Pet Rescue is In Need we are a nonprofit 501(c)3 charitable organization (applied status) sponsored by D& D K9 Concepts 501 c 3 granted status, and your land donation offers maximum tax advantages. When you make an outright land donation you may qualify for a charitable gift deduction based on the full market value of your land as determined by a qualified appraiser. You reduce your income taxes and no longer pay property taxes on the donated land. Also, any estate taxes on this land is eliminated. Consider making a land donation not only for the tax advantages but to create a legacy that will change lives for generations to come. Your land donation will provide a haven for homeless pets, create a resource for community residents and will be a gift that continues to give for future generations. The need is urgent and immediate, help us meet our deadline. 

Now Accepting Vehicle Donations

Are you considering selling or trading-in your vehicle? Before you go through the hassle of trying to sell your vehicle outright or endure bartering with a salesman over the vehicle’s true value, contact us to see if the advantages of donating your vehicle is right for you. If you have a qualified vehicle, such as a car manufactured primarily for use on public streets, you can donate it to Pets In Need and receive a car donation tax deduction. Please see IRS Publication 4303 for specific guidelines used to determine eligibility and how to establish the amount you can deduct for a vehicle contribution. Your vehicle donation will be put to very good use and will help us in continuing our mission to save the lives on unwanted pets.



Wish List


Wish List
Office/Marketing Supplies
  Business Cards to be printed Pet Stationary
  pet bumper stickers Dry Erase Board Sharpies/Colored Markers
  Envelopes all sizes Index Cards all sizes Folding Tables
  Letterhead to be printed Spiral Notebooks Tripods R-W CD's

printed pens for marketing

printed dog tags for adoptees

tag engraving machine

pet stand dryer

Ink Cartridges
  Avery Labels
  Copy Paper
  "Relinquish Form" Pads Thick Poster Board
  "Adoption Form" Pads Packing Tape Postage Stamps Banker Boxes
  Cork Boards Clip Boards
  Event Tent * Laptop Computer Packing Tape Zip Lock Baggies
Maintentance/Cleaning Supplies              Volunteers
  Mops Maintenance & Repair Transport to Spay/Neuter Appts   Electricians
  Mop Buckets Water Hose Publications Construction
  Scrub Brushes Spray Bottles Distributions Webdesign  Retirees
  Dish Soap Attend Chamber Mtgs Fosters 
  Laundry Detergent Scrub Brooms Email Response     Remote Volunteering  Solicit Supplies & Food 
  Bleach Brooms Canvassing for Donations  Carpenters 
  Simple Green (Original Formula) Garbage Bags Solicit for Auction Donation  Fundraising Coordinators 
  Odor Ban Fence builder ****Data Entry   Committe Organizers 
  Paper Towels Spray Nozzles  Cleaning Cement Professionals  Ebay Volunteers
  Brown Rice Dog Food - Wet & Dry Nylon Bones  
  frozen beef, chicken venison that may be freezer burned that can be cooked for dogs...clean out your freezer Peanut Butter  
  Beef Broth Peroxide NutroCal  
  Chicken Broth Pedialyte Mineral Oil Kongs  
  Cat Food - Wet & Dry vaccines wormers


look through your cabinet unused Rx?

Other Dog/Cat/ Supplies
  training collars (prong type) Cat Carrier(s) Outdoor Pooper Scoopers Whelping Box
  Large Wire Cages  
  Kennel Platforms Cat Litter  
  Container(s) with Lids  
Monetary Donations….. Any Amount is helpful….

We currently accept donations of anything pet related to house the pets temporarily on our property


We need

  • Dog Runs
  • chain link fencing
  • fence contractors
  • blankets
  • old linens and towels
  • dog toys
  • dog treats
  • dog and cat food
  • cat litter
  • collars
  • vaccinations
  • wormers
  • clorox
  • Collars & Leashes
  • Crates & Carriers
  • Panacur Wormer
  • Flea Medications
  • Dog Toys
  • Dog Beds
  • Old Blankets & Towels
  • Volunteers to Help Transport Dogs Locally and Longer Distances
  • Photographers
  • Gas Cards or Funds for Gas to pick up dogs
  • We use Patented Kuranda Dog Beds because they are durable, chew proof and easy to clean. If you would like to donate a bed to us

    • A Transport Van
    • Vet to donate time to do wellness exams.
    • Vet practice to build on new property with us.
    •  Friskies Canned Cat Food
    • Fancy Feast
    • Cans of Tuna Fish
    • Cans of chicken chunks
    • Prescription I/D (at your vet clinic)
    • Prescription W/D (at your vet clinic)
    • Science Diet  food for Cats or Dogs (dry)
    • Bedding (any sheets, towels, blankets, bath mats etc)
    • Toys (any stuffed animals, tennis balls, squeaky toys,   ropes)
    •  Bones (rawhides, nylabones, dentabones, etc)
    • Tide
    • Clorox Clean Up
    • Garbage Bags
    • Tupperware
    • Stainless Steel Bowls
    • Frontline Plus-all sizes
    • Heartgard-all sizes
    • Revolution for dogs and/or cats
    • Litter boxes
    • Revolution
    • Computer Paper
    • Bleach
  • Dryer donated thanks for your support

  • we have recieved many donations for office supplies and we thank you....and the dogs thank you






    Frontline and Capstar is needed daily!


















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