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Kerrville Texas

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Purpose to rescue pets from local kill shelters in hopes of giving them a new loving 4-ever Home. We will promote good pet ownership. Our rescue will provide the pets with a temporary home, a nice place to stay, and any necessary vet care, vaccinations, spay and neuter and nutrition.



Why did they abandon me?

Why did they not look for me?

 I am a GOOD DOG!

This little guy was picked up by Animal Control in San Antonio and was minutes from death when we took him home....

There are thousands of pets just like Bert that need homes!





The research was done at by animal control and shelters all over the US, they have compiled separate information for dogs and cats; they interviewed 380 people who surrendered their dogs for adoption and 905 owners who kept their animals. The control group was chosen from a random sample of dog-owning residents.

  • Fifty-four percent of the dogs surrendered were six months to three years old and 15 percent were less than six months old. (The study included only acquired dogs, not surrendered litters.)
  • Fifty-one percent of dogs surrendered had been purchased for less than $100 from a breeder or private owner. Nearly nine percent from these private sources cost more than $100 ; 2.5 percent came from pet stores; and 3.9 percent from litters produced in the home.
  • Nearly 20 percent of the surrendered dogs came from a shelter, and about the same number were acquired as strays.
  • Nearly 41 percent of the surrendered dogs were obtained free from the previous owner.
  • Behavior problems occurring daily that contributed to surrender were:
    • barking, 41 percent
    • chewing 24 percent
    • hyperactivity, 45 percent
    • house training accidents, 21 percent
    • aggression to other pets, less than eight percent
    • aggression to people, less than nine percent.


  • Purebred pets are at lower risk of surrender to shelters than mixed breeds, and dogs purchased for more than $100 have the lowest risk factors of all.
  • Dogs less than two years old are at highest risk for abandonment, especially if they are mixed breed, unneutered, live in a family with children, or require more care or attention than the owners expected when they obtained the animal.
  • Dogs acquired between the ages of one and two years are at higher risk for abandonment than puppies, perhaps because they came to their new owners with established behavior problems.
  • Dogs that are adopted from a shelter are at relatively high risk of return, leading to the idea that behavior counseling programs at shelters should be evaluated to determine their effectiveness.
  • Dogs that spend most of their time separated from the family, either in crates or in the yard, are at greater risk. This discovery should warn obedience instructors, shelter staffs, and veterinarians who recommend the use of a crate that they must provide clear information on its proper use.
  • Dogs that visit the veterinarian more than once a year and those that attend obedience classes the best places to get educational information on behavior are more likely to remain in their original homes.


We always strongly urge you to look at all the dogs available through other rescue groups.
We especially urge you to look through your LOCAL POUND. Animals incarcerated there have only days until being put to death. The volunteers at the local pounds usually can tell you about the pets that have been abandoned there. Many are pure breed, (statistically 30%)
There are literally hundreds of dogs available through a variety of groups and individuals. Please support everyone's rescue efforts by adopting a new family member. Please DO NOT BUY a dog. Breeders only perpetuate the problem of too many pets and not enough homes for them.



Foster a rescued dog!
For more information, email  hillcountypetrescue@stx.rr.com
Foster homes are the backbone of any rescue group. The more homes that are willing to foster, the more dogs we can save. To foster for us, you must have a securely fenced yard that is attached to your home, and be willing to allow a foster dog to sleep in your home at night. We can provide a crate for that purpose. Please email us if you are interested in helping foster. We would need to know your requirements too. Do you need a dog that is cat, dog, child compatible? Are you able and willing to exercise a foster dog? Have you had a dog before? The more information you can provide for us, the better ability we have to match you up with a suitable foster dog. Let us know if you are willing to help by fostering!






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